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(G.Lowe, S.Misharin, K.Turitsin/K.Turitsin)
Night falls upon me and I'm feeling wild 
Got dirty visions racing through my mind 
I need something to satisfy me 
To bring you pain is all that I need 


Smell the slut walking down the street 
She'll be sorry that we had to meet 
I'll take her down in my dungeon to play 
I'll make sure that she won't get away 

I've gone psycho and I want to kill 
Causing pain's how I get my thrills 
I won't stop until I have my way 
I'm gonna teach her how to obey 


(K.Turitsin, G.Lowe/K.Turitsin)
I lose my mind when I see you smile 
I think that evil powers rule your mind 
You give no choice - you make me cry 
Diabolic Ann, you hypnotize me with your smile 

I know all your boyfriends were killed in accidents 
I'm not afraid, I have a spiritual defense 
I sleep and when I dream I see your face 
Hey, you chained me up in your devil's embrace 

We've had wild nights I had no rest 
But once she left me, it put my mind to the test 
She made me crazy, 
I've got no more power inside 
Diabolic Ann, you led me to suicide 


(K.Turitsin, G.Lowe/K.Turitsin)
I don't want to prove anything 
We don't care what people think 
We took guitars coz 've got something to say 
We're the crazy bastards and we are here to stay 

We're crazy Russians in outer space 
Psychobilly music all over the place 

We're a rare kind of guys, we're strong & clever 
We don't play for olds who're bad-tempered 
I'll be honest, I don't give a fuck 
I've got my friends, they aren't out of luck 

Our music's style of space & heavy boots 
It was ressurected twenty years ago 
You'll get my songs, if you aren't weak idiots 
My name is Kirill, and we're the psycho Spoilers 


You broke my heart too many times 
And lovin you was my only crime 
I'll take my life just to get away 
And when I die you'll be repaid 

I'll come back to haunt you 
I'll come back to haunt you 
Come back to haunt you, torture and taunt you 
I'll come back to haunt you when I die 

Our love is dead, but I'm not gone 
I'm there when you think you're alone 
You can't see but you know I'm near 
You hear me whispering in your ear? 

I'm gonna crawl up inside your head 
Make you wish that you were dead 
Show you the pain that you put me through 
You fucked with me now I'm fucking with you 


(K. Turitsin/K.Turitsin)
There's no way for the wild cats 
No chance in a crazy world 
Alcohol & music are my only friends 
So I don't think that I'm alone 

Hey, pal "you can break my face 
But you can't break my soul" as Paul Fenech says 
He's a nice man & he's out of his mind 
And I like these people's kind 

So I don't care what other people say 
I have my own style & it makes me insane 
I feel so free when I play guitar 
'Coz I'm a wild cat 


(K.Turitsin, G.Lowe/K.Turitsin)
Using fuel of human hate 
Demon's driving through the States 
Looking for the scum & trash 
Straight to hell, head-on crash 


Zombie hot rod, zombie hot rod 
Demon's dancing on the road 
Zombie hot rod, zombie hot rod 

Sinners way is drowned in wine 
Laced with sex, diluted with crime 
Master opens the gates of hell 
You're welcome, see you, pal 

Scary mobile takes aboard 
Every bastard, all the scum 
Psychobilly mad hot rod 
Evil power will come 


I like to go to the bar, 
There women think I'm a star 
I don't disgrace this honorary name. 
When I open the bar door 
The people meet me, screaming "Oh!" 
They don't mind buying a couple of beers for me. 

Bad whiskey, bad music, bad women 
They make me cool! 
You've got expensive wine, luxurious car, good girls 
You're a fucking fool! 

I like to come back home late, 
Holding a bottle in one hand 
And a pretty girl in the other hand 
My motto is: "Live fast, die young!" 
I like that feeling, when I'm drunk. 
I drown my solitude & hate with wine. 

I sing & play in a famous band 
I do it good, we keep our brand 
And rockin' music is only our passion 
It's great to see an excited crowd 
You strike the chord - they start to shout 
Sometimes I think, that it's the meaning of my life 


Heavens opened, they drop the fire 
To save your life is your desire 
People scatter, people panic 
Earth's attacked by strange mechanics 

Distorted dimension 
Don't lose self-possession 
It's a psycho invasion on the world 

A lot of starships are touching down 
Newcomers took this regular town 
Mankind fell into a deep trance 
Abject cowards made no resistance 

Psycho creatures scrambled out 
They are gathered in a crowd 
Moving their vile tentacles 
Aliens are ready for attacking. 


I drove my car in twilight & casually lost the way 
I found myself in a strange and suspicious place 
High star was shining angry, ominous howl was heard 
I saw the shadows of ghosts or maybe awful birds 

Queen of the wolves 
Owner of the woods 
My soul belongs to you 
from now on 

Unexpectedly my car stopped dead in the woods 
When I went out I was blinded by a light flood 
I rubbed my eyes open & saw a pretty girl 
Took her in the car & drove, accompanied by the howl 

We lived happily for years & built the plans for life 
But then one night I woke up & couldn't find my wife 
I grabbed a gun, ran outside & found a strange thing 
My dear wife riding away on the back of the wolves' king 
all songs were corrected by Greg Lowe. Thanx, Greg!

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