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Interview for Agoraphobia Zine

Well, my name is Kirill Turitsin, I'm singer and guitarplayer of psychobilly band SPOILERS, from Ekaterinburg, Russia.

AZ:- How long has the band been together?

K: I formed the band about two years ago, and our first gig was in January, 2000 Our line-up was changed 5 or more times, but finally I found very good musicians & we play together from April, 2001. Now Spoilers are: Kirill - vox/guitar Slava - bass Gene - drums. Also we have a roadie, who also makes show on the stage & back vocal. He's name is Steerman and now we test new guitar player Max.

AZ:- How did it start?

K: I played in domestic blues rock band, but always was a big fan of punk rock & rockabilly. In 1995, I bought the tape of the best Russian psychobilly band THE MEANTRAITORS & I was really striken by their music. Next I found records of METEORS, CRAMPS, NEKROMANTIX, BATMOBILE - and I become true psychobilly fan. I decided to do my own band & started to look for the musicians through the newspapers. I was very surprised then two guys from famous Russian punk band "SUCHY LESOK" called me. So, we started to practice & later to gig.

AZ:- How do you come up with the name?

K: You mean, how did I invent this name? I tried to invent angry bandname, which would opposite us to silly pop bands & be rather stylish. I think SPOILERS sounds really good. I found that word on the album of Los Gatos Locos - and thought - "why not?"

AZ:- Describe your music..

K: I think it's psychobilly or punk'n'roll - mix of punk rock & rockabilly with strong surf influences.

AZ:- Who are your influences?

K: Well, I hear a lot of music - neo swing/ska/punk/oi!, and all these styles have an influence on me. But, sure, main influences are European psychobilly bands of 80's-90's - METEORS, BATMOBILE, MEANTRAITORS & classic surf performers, such are DICK DALE, VENTURES, SHADOWS, BEL-AIRS. And I always was big fan of TOY DOLLS!!!!

AZ:- Describe the song writing process...

K: All music & lyrics I write by myself, next I arrange it with bassplayer & next with the drummer. Themes of my lyrics are usually social. I don't like to write texts about monsters, ghosts, etc., although it's traditional thing in our style to sing horror lyrics.

AZ:- What have you recorded?

K: We have few demo records, one of them is on MP3.com. One song was released on compilation of psychobilly from ex-USSR "The Happy End Of Psychoburg" I really don't like this demo stuff, coz it was recorded with very poor quality. Now we started to record our debut album, I'm not sure about its title yet, may be it will be "Psychobilly from the heart of Russia", but I'm not sure. I think, we'll finish it to summer & will have a tour as I said above. Album will be released in Russia & in Europe. Also we plan to release split single with American punk'n'roll band Lonesome kings - rather famous band, you can find their site here: www.lonesomekings.com

AZ:- Have you guys toured?

K: Yes, we have a lot of gigs - about 50 per year & 25% of them are in other cities. Now we plan to have big tour over Russia, Ukraine & Byelorussia in summer as a support of our first album.

AZ:- Who have you guys played with?

K: We played with many famous Russian underground bands, I'm not sure if you know them We like to play with any interesting bands, we even played with famous Russian deathmetal band - GRENOUER.

AZ:- Is there a favorite band you like to play with?

K: In general, it doesn't matter to me whom to play with. But of course, we would like to play with any foreign bands, but we had no chance yet.

AZ:- What is the local scene like?

K: In our town (Ekaterinburg is one of the biggest cities in Russia - there're 1.3 million inhabitants) we have about 200 rock groups, but most of all are not good or they play some kind of pop rock. Here are few good ones: VINTICK WHIPPLE - brilliant cyberpunk band, STOCKMEN - authentic rockabilly, MANIAC KIDS - punk, ACID UMBRELLAS - hardcore Also here're few nice metal bands. If you're interested in situation in whole Russia - music life is really loud here. We have about 40 psycho/rockabilly bands - main of them are: SCARY BOOM, MOSQUITO, RATTLESNAKES, BIKE'N'HOLLERS etc, there're very great bands in Ukraine - MAD HEADS, OT VINTA. There were few compilations of Russian psycho released. One thing I regret, is that MEANTRAITORS leaved Russia for Germany forever. They were really good all their albums are classic for me. I think, you can find their stuff in your music shops, so you have to check them out! Especially, that they all were released in Holland, Germany & Japan. Also we have great skacore band - SPITFIRE - they have two albums in Pork Pie records, Germany. Punk/hardcore scene in Russia is very large too.

AZ:- What do you see is the future of the Spoilers?

K: Now we started to work with Ivanna Dovzhenko - Russian manager of Red Elvises. So, I hope, that I will have not to work on the plant for earning money soon. I wish to be only musician. But first of all, we want to release album, which will introduce us to foreign fans. Also in our plans is taking parts in few Russian & word psycho/punk/surf compilations, so don't miss them.

AZ:- How can people contact you guys?

Just write me e-mails to this address:
Or write me to :
Kirill Turitsin, p.o. box 95, Ekaterinburg Russia
also we have website:
but it's in Russian.

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